When you order made to measure, we need you to fill in this form. If you cannot do this at the moment, it can be send later.








Measurments are in: cm inch

Your name:
Order number:

Corset measuring:
B- overbust ( not needed for underbust corsets)
D- natural waist
E- hipbone
F- hip
C- underbust
C to D- waist till underbust


Skirt measuring:
D- natural waist
E- hipbone
F- hip
D to H- knee length
D to I- calf length
D toJ- ankle length
G- for the Hobble skirt and Mermaid skirt, around both your legs, halfway upper leg.


Top and Straitjacket measuring:
A- neck
B- overbust
C- underbust
D- natural waist
F- hip

If you are shorter or taller then average, it can be good to measure your back as well, A till D. This you do at your back. Your back begins where you start to feel your spinal cord, measure from the first "bump", found slightly above shoulder height, till your waist.

Your natural waist is around your navel. For easy measuring you can use an elastic band, tie it around your waist and use that as a starting point for length. Corsets have a standard 6 cm or 2,5 inch reduction, if you like to have more reduction, please mention the total reduction in the orderform.

Don’t forget to mention if you measure in inch or in cm, just to avoid any confusion. If you have any doubt in how to take the measures, feel free to mail us. If we think there is a mistake made in measuring, we will ask you to measure again, better safe then sorry.