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Q and A section

Hi, how are you?

-I'm fine, thanks.

When is the shop open?

-Openingtimes are from 1200 -1900, closed on mondays only. See "where to find us" for a map.

If on a holiday break, it will say so on the homepage.

Do you have giftcertificates?

-Yes, I have! Valid one year, any amount.

Is everything you have on the website?

-Nope, I make a lot of stuff, one of a kind items or just in a few sizes. Sometimes I post them on Instagram, most of the times I don't.

So, there is a lot more in the shop then on this site. 

Is everything handmade?

-Yes, all is made by me, in person. Hence the blood, sweat and tearstains.

Do you do made to measure?

-Yes, no problem!

How does that work?

-Knowing what you want and passing by in the shop is a good start. 

Can I bring my own idea?

-If I have the time, yes, show me and we talk about it. I do not copy, so do not send me a pic of an expensive designer hoping I would do it cheaper.

Can I place an order online?

-Yes, though not a webshop, send me the piclink and the size needed. There was a webshop before, but there are always questions so this is a better way.

How do I know the price of items?

-Just ask me. Prices change, and I do not want to spend my time updating this on the site, no fun.

Do you send out?

-Yes, if you give me a correct address, I will ship.

Can I bring my repairs or alterations?

- No...hate fixing  broken stuff.

Is everything real leather?

-Yes, exept for the canvas straitjackets, which are made of canvas. Faux leather, vegan leather or what they call it is just a piece of plastic glued on fabric. It will break and rip. Not very durable and not suitable for the items I make.

Do you sell wholesale?

-Sorry, no new wholesale clients at the moment, no time for that. This might change in the future.

Anything else, mail me!

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